Feel good and look great with Chérie shoes

Chérie shoes are the meeting point of the inborn desire of kids to explore the world and the protective instinct of their parents. We know that your little ones can’t tell if the shoes are pinching or too loose at the heel. Although you as parents can run some manual tests to check if the shoe fits but you can’t feel what they are feeling which often results in lifelong foot problems.

We put ourselves in your little one’s shoes.

We design our shoes keeping in mind that kids’ feet have special needs and their shoes should provide them with all the comfort and support they need to walk properly and correctly develop their feet with a great sense of style.

We only use the best quality natural leather to make both the inside and the outside of the shoes. Leather being a natural material adapts perfectly to the shape of the feet and allows free circulation of air inside the shoes.

Chérie shoes are reinforced in proper places keeping in mind the basic movements involved in walking.

Our shoes come with pull out anatomic, antibacterial leather insoles with arch support. Anatomic insoles help in equal distribution of body weight across the feet which minimizes injuries, leather insoles allow sweat to dry off easily and the antibacterial feature restricts the growth of fungus.